Last week, we were joined by several visitors from:

A Coruña Province Council (Antonio Leira Piñeiro and Maite Loureiro Ventureira),

the Association of Councils on the Camino Inglés (Manuel Mirás)

the Association of Councils on the Camino Finisterre (José Manuel Pequeño),

journalist Cristóbal Ramírez,

as well as independent tourism communications consultants Mercedes Carballo and Tom Panagos in London and Reading.

After visiting the CSJ offices, they travelled to Reading and were met by the local Mayor, Cllr David Stephens,  representatives from Reading Borough Council, Reading UK and the CSJ.  They enjoyed a pilgrim tour of Reading Abbey, the former resting place of the Hand of St James which now resides at St Peter's Church, Marlow, as well as Reading Museum, from where it is now possible to get a pilgrim stamp! CSJ credencials and guidebooks to St James's Way will also be available from there soon.  They also paid a visit to the Medieval History Faculty of Reading Museum, to learn more about the city's ancient connection with St James.  You can read more about this at our St James's Way page.

As part of the trip, the group also walked the first mile of the St James's Way, a recognised part of the Camino in England, and the new Camino Inglés signage for the route was unveiled!  Within the next few months, it is hoped that the entire 68.5 mile route will be signposted similarly.  

Photos Credit: Reading UK and Mercedes Carballo