The London/Middlesex Regional Group enjoys a wide range of activities such as walks, talks, concerts, social meals, events at Head Office and on St James’s Day.  Recently, the group members have been active in assisting renowned pilgrimage author, and CSJ Trustee, Andy Bull as he works towards reviving the traditional pilgrimage route from London to Walsingham.  Also, there is a regular, monthly, face-to-face Pub Club which meets near Head Office; for full details please see the Events page of the CSJ website:

For further information about the Regional Group, please email the office. 

Recent updates / upcoming events

June 2023

London member Roxanne Glaud continues her series of monthly walks.  Roxanne writres: We will cover Thames Pathway North in six months from June to November and in Dec our treat is the trip in Peckham. 

As the summer months are ahead I am proposing we start at 9am so we can be done by midday before it gets to hot. This will apply for the June to September events.  We will then revert to a 9:30am start for the rest of the year. 

In addition to Roxanne’s walks, we are pleased to announce:

THE MARION MARPLES MEMORIAL WALK this year is being hosted by Marilyn Daish on Wednesday 26th July: Marion Marples Memorial Walk | THE CONFRATERNITY OF SAINT JAMES (